First review for Season of the Witch!

Thank you kindly, Booklist!
Season of the Witch.
Fredericks, Mariah (Author)
All is not well at New York’s elite DeKalb Community School. Toni’s bête noire, Chloe, is on a rampage, seeking revenge for Toni’s having dated her hapless boyfriend, Oliver, over the summer. Tired of being bullied, Toni turns to her mysterious new friend, Cassandra, for help. Consulting her Book of Shadows,
Cassandra offers that help in an unlikely form: a witch’s spell targeting Oliver, who—having failed to speak up in Toni’s defense—is rendered mute for a week. Pleased by their success, the two girls decide to cast a more powerful spell against the vengeful Chloe, but this time, the results are tragic. Toni is left riddled with guilt and horrified when Cassandra then decides to turn her destructive talents toward her innocent cousin. Can Toni stop her? Is Cassandra a witch? Does she have evil powers? Fredericks’ reader pleasing new novel is a page-turning, well-realized horror story of revenge gone awry and the possibility of finding redemption in the power of goodness.

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