Thoughts on Golden Globes

As I’ve said before, I’m a big awards show slut. If they’re handing out a shiny piece of hardware to someone who’s all dressed up and thanks their darling, beloved whoever, I’m there. I’ve been watching the Globes since their Pia Zadora days, and hey, what’s a blog for if not to register your thoughts about meaningless events?

Along with nearly everyone else, I had already decided Tina and Amy were going to be great before the show started, so the surprise was that they actually delivered. Jabs at James Cameron and Taylor Swift showed you can be sharp without being an obnoxious twerp. I liked Amy’s enthusiasm over Hillary Clinton’s husband, although I could have lived without the fawning standing ovation the room gave him. Yes, yes, he’s a former president, but it all felt kind of…high school.

Jodie Foster’s speech made complete sense to me. Not exactly sure why everyone is parsing it as if it were Sanskrit. And it looked like Mel was on heavy thorazine and leg irons, so that was okay too.

People have noted how grumpy Tommy Lee Jones looked during Kristen Wiig and Will Farrell’s routine. Well, the man had lost, so yeah, he was grumpy. I was grumpy for him. He chewed a lot of scenery in Lincoln, and he chewed it really well while wearing one of the most hideous wigs ever bestowed on an actor. I found their jokes about people who comment on movies without actually having…seen them…funny, but it may have hit a little too close to home for Mr. Jones.

Speaking of people who vote on things they haven’t seen, Quentin Tarantino beat Tony Kushner for writing. Quentin Tarantino beat Tony Kushner for…

Nope, still doesn’t make sense. And now, people will start talking about Mr. Tarantino as if he is to be taken seriously. Which makes this awards show season so much less fun for me.

I don’t think I like mint or sea foam. But I do love Hugh Jackman.

It would be easy to hate Daniel Day-Lewis, but he was so genuinely charming. Not that you would know it from the show, which brought up the music during his speech and cut to a very important L’Oreal commercial.

Anne Hathaway, I love that you said so many nice things to Sally Fields. But stop pooping on The Princess Diaries. They’re great books, Mia’s a great role, and it makes you sound snotty and ungrateful. (Apropos of nothing, Amy Adams is astonishing in The Master. And she’s in the whole movie.)

Claire Danes and Damien Lewis don’t like each other very much, would be my guess. Not the first awards show they’ve neglected to acknowledge each other. Mandy Patinkin gets thanked. Mom gets thanked. Significant co-stars…who?

Why isn’t Don Cheadle a romantic lead? How gorgeous and compelling do you have to be?

It seems like Julianne Moore has been winning for her Sarah Palin for forever. Can we stop now? Even I’m tired of hearing her rag on the woman.

And I guess I’ll have to go see Argo.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Golden Globes

  1. Go see Argo! It’s awesome!

  2. Argo and Amour, my two must sees before the big night.

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