Catching Up

Well, The Girl in the Park has been in the nation’s bookstores for two weeks now. Hopefully, every last copy has found a good, loving home. A huge thank you to everyone who bought one. And a ginormous thank you to everyone who participated in the Random Buzzers program and helped get the word out. Throughout my working life, I have always made it a point to work with people who love books, because they’re the best company. (And you usually get free books.)

Having yakked incessantly about my book (The Girl in the Park, got a starred review in PW, in stores now), I’d like to talk about some other books.

Sarah Mlynowski has a new middle grade series out called Whatever After. It’s about a brother and sister who get mixed up in the Snow White story. If you read her fabulous book, Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have), you know Sarah is a sharp, sharp, funny writer. I’m always looking for good books for the middle grade readers in my life, so I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

Also out soon is the next installment of one of my favorite series, Rachel Vail’s Justin Case. Anxious, overthinks-everything Justin may be in third grade, but he is someone I totally relate to. The new book is called Justin Case: Shells, Smells, and the Horrible Flip-Flops of Doom. (This may be my favorite title of the year.) Justin is headed into fourth grade, but he has to survive summer first! Many, many writers do “diary books.” Not every writer has the wit and timing and heart to make them work. Rachel Vail absolutely does.

And finally, if you want to read more from ME, you can check out two pieces I did for Marshal Zeringue’s terrific blog. One is What Writers Are Reading. The other is My Book The Movie, where I cast The Girl in the Park.

Oh—and everyone wish me luck. I’m going to a reading by Robert Caro tonight and I am hoping to meet the great man himself and get my copy of The Passage of Power signed!


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. I bought my copy today at B&N! It was face-out in the New YA shelves, obviously they used to have 4-5, but they were down to 2 (and now 1!) I am really looking forward to it.

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