Meeting Barry Lyga and Meagan Brothers

How cool are Barry Lyga and Meagan Brothers? So cool that I am willing to show a picture of me looking like a happy striped balloon just to prove I met them at Books of Wonder this Sunday. We are all holding one another’s books. My idea, I thought it would be charming. (No, just confusing!) But I also wanted to show I am a fan, because I am. I’ve loved Barry’s work since The Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl. His new book, I Hunt Killers, is so wonderfully intense and scary. Anybody who puts a severed finger in the first chapter of his book is my kind of writer. I’ve just started Meagan’s Supergirl Mixtapes. In this case, you can absolutely tell a book by its cover. (Barry is holding it, if you want to check it out.) It’s smart and original and real. A pleasure to read.

I had a great time at Books of Wonder. The audience was great, the questions fantastic. Although, as always at that store, I spent too much money!


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