The Girl in the Park Trailer

Recently someone asked if there was a trailer for The Girl in the Park. I thought, “What? Trailer? No, movies have trailers. Books do not have trailers. Okay, maybe James Patterson’s books have trailers. But my books?”

But I had vastly underestimated the creativity of today’s YA readers. I love this trailer so much. The use of Clueless and Pretty Little Liars is inspired. The music is great. Frankly, the trailer is so cool, I can’t believe it’s about my book. A huge thank you to Sonia Munguia and Cassie Walz.

You can see the trailer here.


4 thoughts on “The Girl in the Park Trailer

  1. kimc64 says:

    I told you I thought this would make a great movie. Awesome trailer!

  2. Tom Craughwell says:

    How flattering! I hope it goes viral.

  3. click says:

    This website is extremely cool! How was it made !?

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